Dryer Vent Cleaning has its Rewards

Dryer Vent Wizard of Northern Virginia handles expert dryer vent cleaning service to get rid of lint, dust and particles from a blocked dryer duct to boost ample circulation and optimum dryer efficiency. Our specially trained dryer vent cleaning contractors will help protect your home from a serious fire risk while saving you time and money.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Benefits

  • Save time — Clear dryer ducts allow heat and humidity to properly escape, reducing drying time to get the job done effectively
  • Save money– A clean vent enables your clothes dryer to operate more effectively, by accelerating drying time to lower utility costs. Less tumbling time means reduced wear and tear on clothing.
  • Bolster fire prevention– Every year there more than 15,500 dryer vent fires in the United States alone; eliminating trapped lint and debris greatly lessens the threat of a dryer fire.
  • Reduce health threats– Eliminating particles, including mouse and bird nests, from the dryer duct cuts down the occurrence of mildew, fungi, micro-organisms, and viruses that may cause a range of health issues.


Dryer Vent Cleaning


Dryer Vent Wizard of Northern Virginia takes care of dryer vent cleaning service involving a careful dryer vent inspection to analyze dryer vent efficiency and safety. We will pinpoint issues and discuss the ideal solution to any dryer vent issues. Solutions consist of dryer vent cleaning, rerouting the dryer vent, changing the dryer vent if substandard materials were used and installing a booster fan if needed.


As soon as we have executed the examination, we implement our professional methods to eliminate all lint build-up, blockages, and obstructions, including bird and rat nests, from the entire run of the duct and booster fan, not just the entry and termination points. When necessary, we can properly route your system to stop future problems and replace below standard ductwork that develops a safety threat.


We are the experts for professional Northern Virginia dryer vent cleaning. With a clear dryer vent you can preserve time and money while preventing a dryer fire. Give us a call at –888-676-6142 to get the lint out with Dryer Vent Wizard of Northern Virginia.


Dryer Venting Cleaning Standards That Everyone Should Know

All dryer ducting should be actually a minimum of 4″ in size. Well-maintained, unobstructed, frictionless air ducts urge air circulation effectiveness, quickens drying out times, includes long life to apparel’s life and lowers electrical bills.

Versatile change tube between the dryer as well as the wall electrical outlet should be either the aluminum foil kind or even the light weight aluminum versatile ductwork. Accomplish certainly not use the plastic or vinyl.

Hidden ducting must be actually solid metallic (driven or light weight aluminum) ductwork.

Air duct junctions will be put up therefore that the male end of the duct points in the path of the air movement.

Joints must be gotten along with metallic tape. Do not utilize rivets or screws in the junctions or anywhere else in the duct as these are going to urge dust compilation.

Length of hidden solid steel ducting should not go beyond 35 feet. Take off 5 feet coming from the allowed span for each 90 amount joint and two as well as a partly feet for every Forty Five extent fitting (the Dryer-Ell is an exemption under 2006 IRC Section M1502.6, 2009 IMC Segment 504.6.4 as well as 2009 IRC Segment M1502.4). These sizes might vary every regional codes as well as clothes dryer makers suggestions.

Clothes dryer venting shall be divided from any sort of other units (chimneys or even exhaust vents). For contact information see: https://foursquare.com/v/dryer-vent-cleaning-sterling/534b3ee6498e7e51cadc5720

Discontinuation of clothes dryer ventilationing must be to the outdoor with an appropriate bonnet or even roof covering hat geared up with a backdraft restraint. Little orifice steel screening must not belong to the hood or even rooftop hat as this will definitely find lint and also prevent the opening in a really brief time. The bonnet entrance need to aim down and also exhibit 12 inches of allowance in between all-time low of the hood and also the ground or even additional obstacle.

Idea to make it easier to connect Aluminum Flex: Squash aluminum flex along with piping like dough roller, go here to see picture, then look into this online video for some great suggestions.

Contrast graphic of the slot entrances (sphere, model 425, model 350).

Essential recommendations for correct installment– and staying away from pitfalls– can easily be discovered here.

The relevance of correct clothes dryer venting may hardly be overemphasized for the safety of your home and family.

The ins and out of the trash compactor


Garbage compactor systems are actually convenient kitchen space appliances that some consider a luxury but others consider a requirement. Garbage disposals can quickly pulverize waste from food fragments. When not working, they may likewise be actually a major source of aggravation, needing that disgusting food items inside be taken out prior to servicing.

Thankfully, with just a little bit of maintenance, a waste compactor can last for years without requiring any repairs. Simple routine maintenance incorporates guaranteeing that a disposer’s enemies– grease, big items, challenging products, coarse meals– be eliminated taken from its own diet.

Also ensure that water is actually running while the disposal is functioning so that ground-up cooking area misuse may be actually brushed up down the drain as well as not thicken inside the home appliance.

Precisely how Rubbish Disposals Work

A waste disposal is actually a home appliance that tears down food particles. It has a motorized grinding wheel that pulverizes food into liquid and mash that is small enough to be carried through pipes down to a homes septic system or city disposal sewage.

Some rubbish disposal parts include a pipe connected to a dish washer. The whole device is actually affixed to the sink using a lip, ring, and placing screws.

Ways to Repair a Waste disposal unit

Typical waste disposal unit maintenances incorporate servicing a flywheel, hoses and also seals, as well as a used impeller. Listed below are actually the step-by-step guidelines for these repair works.

Servicing the flywheel: The flywheel in a waste disposal spins to rotate the impellers that snippet the meals garbage. If the flywheel doesn’t switch, the disposer doesn’t perform its project. A saddled flywheel can easily also stress out an electric motor if left on too lengthy. The good news is, a flywheel is usually simple to free. To release the flywheel:.

Step 1: Examine all-time low side of the disposal for a six-sided (hex) hole.

Measure 2: If that provides one, seek a hex wrench in a bag on or even near the fingertip. The hex wrench is actually made use of to turn the electric motor hole as well as flywheel without must access the in of the waste disposal. If you do not find one, check your tool kit or even acquisition one.

Step 3: Just insert the hex wrench in the hex gap as well as turn this in a cycle in both directions to release the flywheel.

If there is no hex gap, insert a reduced broom handle with the drainpipe opening, laying one point at the edge of an impeller. Steadily use leverage to move the impeller in one path or the additional to maximize the flywheel.

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Service Companies

Many people do not recognize it yet, but production in our nation began to fall off a number of years ago. Most production of real products started to move to countless other nations where points could be made a lot less expensive and quicker as as compared to here in our country. Because of that enormous loss of production, we have actually in truth discovered ourselves a large amount a great deal more in the residence supplying alternatives rather than products. We have in fact been fantastic at developing the demands of the consumer then uncovering brand-new and also high better strategies to please that requirement.


As a service-oriented company will swiftly inform you, being a great deal a lot more resourceful as compared to the abiding by specific is necessary to being able to divide your support service from regular service companies that is competing for the identical customer dollars. Being innovative when it concerns discovering amongst among one of one of the most hassle-free as well as fastest method to kindly the customer need is definitely important. An added thing that aid sustain service companies owner and supervisors will definitely be quickly to inform is vital in their company is consumer support. It’s insufficient to simply obtain the consumer interested concerning your service, it furthermore important to be able to follow-up with the consumer fulfill and the client abide by.


The client encounter starts when the consumer initially discovers concerning your remedy, and also something around your chat, photo or advertising and marketing attracts their passion. That experience revenues when they have begun to use your support solution then happens well after their preliminary usage. Throughout all these phases, customer care plays a very required duty. If you are not cautious pertaining to merely specifically just how you take care of a customer, as well as their encounter is not pleasing, they will certainly be instead extremely unlikely in advance back to provide your firm a second possibility.


Some reasonable service companies are paying as a matter of fact close and also mindful concentrate on the portal which they manage their consumers, and also it is these business that will absolutely stand the evaluation of time as incredible company on all fronts. Some companies have in truth shed in this market, not being pleased with simply providing making tasks throughout the seas, nevertheless furthermore transforming the consumers over into the hands of abroad client health manufacturing plants that extremely rarely measure up to the anticipations of the client. These procedures have the tendency to work together with very budget strategy pleasurable labor that typically does not have a sturdy grasp of the English language.


The greatest implies to continue pleased and returning consumers in the support option industry is to remain on leading of making sure that your choice measures up to its anticipations and also the assurances that are provided to the customers at first of the promos procedure. A well plan is to reduce the degree of guarantees made to customers, and afterwards offer greater than the customer has actually in reality been result in prepare for. It is vital to moreover proceed touching the consumer, as well as enable them identify that you are not merely concerned regarding their cash money, yet additionally with the degree of joy and also pleasure and also happiness and also contentment that they have with your support support service. See this website for more information